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As Winter Melts into Spring

Day 7 of the From Snow to Glow Movement closed our first week with this note.

I was reminded of a wonderful analogy the other day that can be applied to this week’s Spring Clean Theme. Detoxifying our lives can feel great but it also comes with the inevitable purging of gook or garbage that no longer serves us. As we mature emotionally it is common to grieve. A part of which we once associated ourselves with dies as we make change. That is why it can be so difficult to break an old habit, addiction, or take steps toward transformation. Greif becomes part of the process.

Consider your grief like the winter season. The winter is cold and dark, and all vegetation dies and lay dormant. Then comes spring and the light melts away the cold darkness and brings warmth and light. With that warmth and light what had died over the winter now becomes fertilizer for new vegetation to grow beautiful and strong.

Think of your grief and the purging of your emotional toxins as fertilizer that allows a beautiful new you to blossom when your light is shown upon it. As this analogy was brought up I immediately thought of From Snow to Glow, Week One: Mind & Body Spring Clean. Detoxifying our lives is great but comes with the changing of seasons.

As we exit winter and enter into spring become aware of what seeds you are planting, are your thoughts empowering or disempowering? If they are disempowering find a way to turn them into empowering statements and keep those happy thoughts with you. Remember, what we sow is what we reap. Winter has left us with emotional fertilizer, plant intentions of love as we enter into spring and with patience your summer will blossom into one of wonder and beauty.

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