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Fairy Tales Can Come True

Did you know today is National Tooth Fairy Day? Yeah, I'm serious! There's a fricken day for everything.

Many cultures have their own traditions when a child loses their teeth.

A common tradition is to leave the tooth under the child's pillow for the tooth fairy. The child is told that while they are asleep the tooth fairy will take their tooth and leave them a gift.

Sounds familiar right?

We tell children the tale of the tooth fairy, so they aren't scared when their tooth falls out. We make it fun and exciting for them to grow, evolve and change.

This got me thinking!

What's a difference between people who embrace the next stage of life and those who resist it?

I think, the people who are excited about the next stage of life have embraced change and all that comes with it. They might not like all the changes, but they don't resist. That's the thing about fear or anxiousness, its wild card is resistance.

Fear wants to control or outline the ways things are going to be. But life's ebb and flowy nature doesn't want or need to be controlled.

We tell children that it's safe to change and evolve, that it’s fun and exciting, hence the tooth fairy. Yet sometimes the older a person gets this message is forgotten. When life naturally shifts and turns fear rather than excitement might be your reaction.

If you're someone who resists change; if you want to control the outcome of life circumstances, chances are you often feel anxious. Like tightness in your chest and gut, gritting of the teeth, clenching of the fist when things aren't going to way you planned.

The tooth fairy (it's me) has a special gift for you.

Transcending Anxiety is a book with practical everyday tools that can help transform resistance and fear. So that you can embrace the ebbs and flows of life with more confidence and sometimes even excitement.



I'm offering the first book study for Transcending Anxiety. Where you'll have a chance to be guided and supported while reading the book and exploring and applying the tools offered.

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