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5 of My Favorite Tension Tamers

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

"AUGH!!!! What a long day! My feet hurt and I'm tired!"

These are the words that fell from my mouth just the other day. And my immediate reaction was​​​​​​​ - Ooooh my gawd...I sound so old. As I said the words again in my head and cringed I realized that I've had a lot on my plate lately and just need some Sabby time to regroup, relax and recharge.

I don't believe we feel tired and burnt out because we're "old". I think it's in our culture to push and then push harder when there's a lot going on. Then we turn on the tv or any other form of distraction when we want to relax.

So, I'm just going to come out and say it...sometimes distracting yourself with television isn't what you need! Maybe your "television" is getting on FB or perusing the internet, distraction comes in many forms...

And I can hear you, "Whyyyy Sabrina??? Whyyy?? Don't take The Queen's Gambit from me!"

Calm Down!! You can still watch tv.

My point is, when the mind is overwhelmed and there's a lot of "noise" and chaos around your day sometimes what you need isn't a distraction but an exercise that will bring you in the present moment or something to tap into your creative mind.

I've found that a lot of times the best way to counter fatigue and burnout is to turn inward. A lot of our daily activities pull energy from us. So, when and how are you replenishing that energy?

If you're feeling tired and burnt out you might not be replenishing it enough.

Note to procrastinators of Selfcare: Taking time for yourself will make you more efficient with all the things and people on your to-do list. Maybe you're the queen of excuses when it comes to explaining why you can't make the time. (Next week's blog post will touch on this and it's for you).

These 5 tension taming activities are some of my favorite ways to get more clear headed, grounded and recharged.