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  • Sabrina Jo Atto

Creating an at Home Yoga & Meditation Space

Ahhhh! Your own personal Zen Den. If you’re thinking I don’t even have room for a couch and a coffee table in my tiny place let alone a yoga sanctuary breathe deep! There is no shame in making your yoga-medi sanctuary a popup! Whether you decide to make the space a permanent room in your home or a mobile meditation center the results are the same - you are making time for a home practice that will nourish and serve you.


You’ll want to find somewhere you feel comfortable whether it’s for yoga, meditation or both. This could be as simple as your favorite chair or couch for meditation. Maybe it’s a corner of your apartment that feels cozy or an empty room in your house you’re looking to utilize.

If it’s possible, find a space that is private and quiet. Do your best to find a spot that will give you at least a few minutes of alone time.

Decide if you have the “leg room” to make this space a permanent or popup zen-tuary.


Whether you choose to go popup or permanent you may want to hang some inspirational quotes or pictures in the room or your home.

Arranging fresh or silk flowers is also a nice touch – if you’re a flower kind of person.

Decorate with ornaments whatever your style calls for could give this space some personality. Ideas include: a buddha statue, dream catcher, Om symbol, religious relics (whatever that means for you), inspirational books, family photos. What you choose to decorate with doesn’t even have to be yoga inspired it can be anything that holds meaning to you. This is your sacred space.

There isn’t a right or wrong way to go about this. Add what inspires you, this could change over time, go with it.


Feel the chill vibes of spa melodies, mantras, white noise or silence.

Burn your favorite incense. Suggestions you ask? I like sandalwood, patchouli, lemongrass, frankincense, lavender.

Light your favorite candle. Hell, light a ton of candles – set the mellow mood for real.

Diffuse essential oils – Let the oils you choose reflect what you need during your practice. Do you need invigoration, grounding, clarity? Let your need set the mood.


Creating an at home practice might sound intimidating. If you don’t know where to start or what to do there are a ton of tools and resources right here on the internet!

Take an online yoga class – a couple online yoga platforms I like are and

Follow a guided meditation. I LOVE the app insight timer it has a ton of guided meditations and so much more!


If you choose to start an at home yoga practice here are some tools you might find handy:

Yoga Mat


Yoga Blocks

Yoga Strap

Meditation Pillow

Again, there isn’t a right or wrong way to go about creating an at home yoga -meditation space. I believe it’s important to make the time you practice, whether it’s an hour or a few minutes, inspiring and special for you. Sometimes creating a space that offers you a gentle reminder to slow down and connect with your soul can do the trick.

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