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What People Are Saying...

Email from Reader

Hi Sabrina, 



I just wanted to take a moment to formally congratulate and thank you on such a wonderful book. I have read it twice now. 


As I said when I bought it, I am not a particularly anxious person. At least, I have rarely had anxiety be a problem for me. That said, we all experience anxiety some time. 



I loved the chapter on prayer and that you can call God by name; God. We seem to shy away from this topic in the secular yoga world. This has always puzzled me as the purpose of yoga as originated was to allow us to connect to the divine. Thank you for your ideas. I share similar philosophies in my prayer. 


So a little story: yesterday I noticed I was feeling anxious. About something. This is typical for me. I notice physical signs of anxiety, but sometimes I am not sure what is bothering me. I stopped what I was doing. Picked up your book and re-read the chapter "stepping into fear" and your ideas. 


As I sat with my anxiety and applied meditation and prayer it was like the clouds lifted and three particular life situations appeared in my mind that were a source of frustration and anxiety. It highlighted to me that I often become anxious about things that are beyond my control, related to the choices and actions of others. One of my sankalpas: "trust others and accept". Anyway, this allowed for perspective and insight, and ultimately relief.  


I share this experience as a direct example of how your book has helped one person. I am sure you have heard many more. 

Thanks again, and best regards,


Transcending Anxiety by Sabrina Jo Atto is a very important book for our time.  Our world is changing at an unprecedented rate, both technologically and socially. This leaves us with dis-ease, isolation and anxiety in epic proportions.


With Transcending Anxiety, Sabrina Jo Atto provides a quiet space to explore the causes of our anxiety and gives us clear, simple, actionable methods to soften our view of ourselves and our circumstances as a way to relieve our anxious souls.


Even if you wouldn't consider yourself anxious in nature, you will still come away with a deeper awareness of how the world affects you and what you can do about it. Whatever your motivation for picking up this book, you will finish it knowing that you've read something deeply valuable.

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