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"Get over it!"  or better yet, "Let it go!"


We all know those well meaning people. The ones who tell you to,  "just get over it" when you're feeling overwhelmed, scared or stuck.  ​​​​​​​

And you probably think...

Oh yeah!?   How?   How do I get over it?   How do you just let go?

​​​​​​​Fear isn't rational or logical. It can be paralyzing. And "getting over it" or "letting go" might seem like an impossible obstacle. *Good news it's not impossible!*



Hi, I'm Sabrina.


I know what it's like to want something so BADLY but you're TERRIFIED to go for it. Or maybe you wake up anxious and don't really know why. The tense jaw, neck and shoulders, pit of dread in your stomach, tension headaches, you know... those uncomfortable sensations that follow worry around. 


Those feelings suck...seriously!


I was in my late teens when I realized there had to be a better way of living. 

Stress + Anxiety weren't going to control me.

​​​​​That's when I began to research stress relief exercises and tactics. I even made psychology my major in college. I wanted to understand the mind. Psychology was great but for me something was missing. So, I started reading up on holistic modalities and spirituality. 

The more I read, learned and applied all these teachings to my daily life the better I began to feel. The better I felt the more I wanted to share what I was learning.


What I've learned has been LIFE CHANGING.
I went from feeling, on the daily -
tension, a knot in my stomach, insecure & more...
to feeling lighter, centered, tapped into my gut and intuition. 

​​​​​So here's the thing...

Transforming Chronic Stress + Anxiety isn't an overnight process. There is no magic pill that washes the stressors of life away. (No matter what the commercials might tell you.) 

Life is full of stressors, and chaos won't go on pause so you can catch up.

I guide my clients - offering them tools, insight and ideas they can take with them for a lifetime.

So when your circumstances are challenging, when life kicks you in the ass, you have the tools and the resolve to confront the challenge and not let overwhelm knock you down. And if it does, you'll have the strength to get yo' ass up!  

h10-03 Sabrina Atto SESS-0066.jpg

My philosophy is to "start where you are!"

That means taking baby steps, actionable steps toward your intention. For someone who wants to run before they can crawl (I feel you), taking baby steps may seem daunting.

[But like I said, I set my people up for success!] 


I don't believe in setting myself or any of my clients up for failure.


My philosophy is to "start where you are!" That means taking baby steps, actionable steps toward your intention. For someone who wants to run before they can crawl (I feel you), taking baby steps may seem daunting. But like I said, I set my people up for success!  Snag a private slot with me here.



I have a mind, body, spirit approach to transforming stress and worry. If you're into woo woo without the airy fairy I'm your girl! 

I love the poetic and ethereal nature of the airy fairy yogi but I'm just way too blunt or too the point to be described that way. 


If airy fairy is pastel pink, soft like cashmere and
scented like geraniums, than I'm more...
soft blue hues, wear like your favorite joggers
and smell like coffee + sea salt chocolate chip cookies. 

By the way, yoga is WAY more than down dogs and cat-cows! The physical practice of yoga is just a small piece of what I offer. If you never wanted to do a single yoga pose you wouldn't have to.



I LOVE reading and learning new ideas, approaches, theories. I'm always looking for new ways to explain, teach or share my knowledge.


We are all so unique, what works for one doesn't work for all.

I believe in meeting people where they are, and as who they are. 


I've gone through two 200-hour yoga teacher trainings and countless continued education trainings, workshops and masterclasses.  My experience isn't only personal but comes from the amazing teachers I've been privileged to learn from and work with, as well as, my years of working with students and private clients.



I wrote a book and published it! [Insert Happy Screech!]

This was one of the scariest and most important things I've accomplished so far! 

I wanted to put the ideas and tools I've learned in one place so I could easily share it with people.

My intention was to offer a simple and practical book for transforming stress and worry.
Transcending Anxiety is that intention.
Get a complimentary introduction to my book HERE

I would love for you to take this amazing and unpredictable journey of life with me.

Join me and receive tips, ideas, and much more for experiencing this journey with ease, confidence and resolve.



A road trip is more fun with a friend than alone! Right? 

I'll even let you choose the playlist! 


  • I was born and bred in Southeast Michigan, where I still reside. I LOVE it!

  • I have a long list of nick names: Sab, Sabby, Bean, Bina, Bre, Sabby J...I pretty much respond to anything that sounds like any of those names. Feel free to add to the collection.

  • I love, love, love to cook (keep an eye out for my food blog/channel - hint,'s in the works)

  • I work part-time with my dad and brother running a family business. We own a fast casual restaurant with two concepts (deli + street tacos).  THIS - working in the restaurant industry and with family has challenged all the tools and mindsets I have. I know that what I teach works because it gets put to use daily in this area of my life alone! 😁  I've gone from uber stressed or frustrated to I've got this $#!%  (Full disclosure, this part of my life is still one of my greatest teachers.) 😅

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