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How to turn a sucky morning sweet!

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

"I don't have time for this S#!% " [insert loud grunt and sigh]

A couple mornings ago I woke up with a LONG to do list and not enough I felt.

Feeling totally out of control and irritated about all the things I had to do I started my day piss-y and full of resistance.

And of course, what happens when this is my mood?

- My cup of coffee kept spilling every time I went to take a sip. Seriously!

- It took me an hour and a half to do something online that should have taken 30 minutes.

- I almost fell on my ass on a wet bathroom floor.

and get the picture!

It’s when I almost fell in the bathroom that I realized I needed to chill out and shift my energy.

See, that's the thing – My fist clenching, hair pulling attitude was resistance.

attitude = energy, and that nasty resistant energy kept multiplying

You can't get rid of energy; it doesn't die or end. It transforms, it can only become something else. It’s true, it’s physics.

In that moment of awareness,

I took a deep breath. I had to connect with the willingness to shift my attitude, even though a part of me wanted to rebel against the day!

So, I connected with an energy bigger than me -- for me that energy is God, and I said,

"Thank you for my morning!"

"Thank you for :

- the opportunity to change

- for this shower

- for my computer

- for technology

- for coffee...God I LOVE coffee...seriously thaaaank you!" I continued like this until I felt settled and a shift took place.

I found gratitude for all the things that morning I REALLY was grateful for. Even though certain things sucked about the morning I could still uncover gratitude.

MY SUGGESTION: Try this when your day feels out of control or when you hate the direction your day is going.


My energy (attitude) shifted from me wanting to crawl out of my skin to being at ease in my body, and more comfortable with the direction of my day.

When I decided to make a shift, focusing on gratitude over resistance something BIG happened.

I was able see ways of making the day more manageable.

Before my gratitude practice I only saw roadblocks.

After my gratitude practice I saw opportunities to rearrange my day.

By being open to these possibilities the day became more manageable and productive.

It's not always easy to make that shift. I remember a time when I couldn't and didn't know how to connect with gratitude or a higher energy when I was upset or anxious.

You might be reading this and thinking, "yeah, cool lady...that doesn't work! I've tried it."

I hear you! For real, I was you...

If shifting your mood is a challenge or seems illusive,

but you're ready to learn how to transform stress and worry,

Joining the wait list will get you a complimentary introduction to my book and updates on when the event goes live. You can get more details here about what to expect here.

I hope you can take some wisdom from my sucky to sweet morning and remember to connect with gratitude the next time your mug forgets how to hold your coffee, or your day feels out of control!

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