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Peace of Mind Cost Me $20

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

"It's going to be $20 for your missed appointment. What's your credit card number?"

Yep, you read that correctly. I paid $20 to NOT go to an appointment.

and it saved my day!!! Here's what happened...

I have a ton on my plate right now and my day was full of expected and unexpected to-dos. One of my to-dos was an appointment with a new acupuncturist.

If I'm being honest, when I was making the appointment, I had some reservations, for one because of the distance. I would be driving 50 minutes (non-traffic) one way. When I did the math, I would be spending almost 3 hours of my day doing something that wasn't a priority, and in that moment was not of value to me.

Well, the morning of this appointment I was feeling overwhelmed. Things came up that were out of my control with work that I needed to do, and I had deadlines on material I had to get done.

The thought of going to this appointment was becoming very overwhelming and inconvenient.

side note: I had already rescheduled this appointment once and was feeling guilty about canceling.

That's when I decided to get still and listen to my intuition - it was telling me to skip the appointment.

So, I canceled my appointment, paid the $20 fee for same day cancelation, and felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. You might be thinking, you wasted $20 on an appointment you didn't go to!