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Peace of Mind Cost Me $20

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

"It's going to be $20 for your missed appointment. What's your credit card number?"

Yep, you read that correctly. I paid $20 to NOT go to an appointment.

and it saved my day!!! Here's what happened...

I have a ton on my plate right now and my day was full of expected and unexpected to-dos. One of my to-dos was an appointment with a new acupuncturist.

If I'm being honest, when I was making the appointment, I had some reservations, for one because of the distance. I would be driving 50 minutes (non-traffic) one way. When I did the math, I would be spending almost 3 hours of my day doing something that wasn't a priority, and in that moment was not of value to me.

Well, the morning of this appointment I was feeling overwhelmed. Things came up that were out of my control with work that I needed to do, and I had deadlines on material I had to get done.

The thought of going to this appointment was becoming very overwhelming and inconvenient.

side note: I had already rescheduled this appointment once and was feeling guilty about canceling.

That's when I decided to get still and listen to my intuition - it was telling me to skip the appointment.

So, I canceled my appointment, paid the $20 fee for same day cancelation, and felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. You might be thinking, you wasted $20 on an appointment you didn't go to!

I see it as $20 spent on keeping me sane and my day from getting away from me.

I valued my time to get work and other errands done more than the appointment. I chose to do the things in my day that were of value. I also chose to follow my intuition.

Do you find that you put a ton of pressure on yourself to do everything?

Do you ignore your intuition when it's telling you to shift gears?

I've learned that sometimes we create our own chaos and stress by not making simple changes that could alleviate pressure and tension.

Tension Tamer Tip: Stop trying to do everything and focus on the things that are of priority and value in your day.

Are you unsure how to decide what's a priority or of value?

Are you out of touch with your intuition?

Maybe you’re not sure what intuition is but you're curious.

If you're any of the above mentioned then Transcending Anxiety Book Study is for you.

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