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A Life Lesson Learned While Applying Mascara

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There is a silly notion I have carried around my whole life that I can be a pro before I’m a rookie. The impatient side of me would like to skip steps 1, 2 and 3 and jump right into 4. Like getting out of the shower and having perfectly blown out hair. Needless to say I have been unsuccessful and this silly notion has caused me much anxiety over the years.

The advice given to me time and time again has been, take baby steps, take it one project at a time, it doesn’t need to be perfect. Go out there and adjust as you need to.

I understood the advice. In fact it makes perfect sense, but there was something about my old tendencies and habits that I could not shake.

One day when I was applying mascara, I was able to visually understand why taking baby steps reap clean and satisfying results.

If you wear mascara you understand that a new tube isn’t perfect!

What I mean is the mascara is so dense and fresh that it doesn’t allow for the perfect application. When fresh, the tube is ultra moist and heavy on the wand. If I apply with a heavy hand I end up with eyelashes that are spidery, clumpy or mascara everywhere but my lashes. If I don’t put enough the lashes are stubby without glamour.

The best application is when the tube is half used up. The consistency of the mascara is just right and the wand is broken in. You almost don’t have to think about how you’re applying it and the results are beautiful and effortless.