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Surrender to Win

When you calmly float on your back in the water, have you ever noticed how your body naturally stays at the surface? Yet, the second you decide to resist, and begin flailing or churning to keep yourself afloat, you inevitably sink?

Lying on your back, belly up and vulnerable and giving way to the water is technically a form of surrender. Alternatively, you may opt to kick, scream, and fight the water, but all you will accomplish is exhausting yourself, and will eventually succumb to your own fear and resistance, and drown yourself.

Every day life is no different from the water in this respect. We can kick, scream, and resist all that surrounds us; exhausting our resources and ignoring the natural flow (invisible force) that supports us.

Instead, we can choose to be vulnerable and allow the moment to be what it is: releasing pride, fear and any other modes of resistance that confront us day-in and day-out.

Notice then what happens – eventually the heaviness of resistance melts away, and lightness comes over you – spiritual buoyancy.

- Wrinkles of tension fade from your face

- Your shoulders and chest fall and rise with ease

and…wait…is that?…

Yes, that’s a smile that enlightens your beautiful face.

You see, surrender isn’t losing or giving up.

Really, it is about gaining your peace of mind, and ultimately, claiming your happiness.

Surrender doesn’t make you a victim, but rather, a victor.

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