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FAQ: How do I get rid of anxiety?

When people hear I wrote a book called Transcending Anxiety one of the questions I frequently get asked is “How do I get rid of anxiety?”

I have to say, the title of my book was thought out and purposeful because we are looking to transform anxiety and stress, not push it away. Hear me out…

Anxiety, like all things, is an expression of energy.

Energy in and of itself cannot be destroyed or rid of. What it can be is transformed.

To try and rid yourself of anxiety is futile, rather we have an opportunity to examine the anxiety, understand it and then transform it.


I’m not here to give you a quantum physics lecture on energy, even if I wanted to…I can’t!

But I can give you an analogy. Disclaimer: I’m explaining this as I understand it…

Have you ever experienced a loud crash that left the room or furniture around you shaking?

You have? Great! 😉

If you haven’t use your imagination…

A heavy bookcase is falling…

Energy is required to move the bookcase and cause it to fall,

when the bookcase crashes and is no longer moving the energy converts to sound,

(the crashing noise you would hear if it hit something hard,

The sound then gets absorbed becoming a vibration,

If the vibration is intense enough you might physically feel or see it,

The energy then continues to transform.

You with me? This is pretty cool right?

Energy has different levels.

Anxiety is a low energy emotion, think of your device buffering - energy that is stagnant, moving very slow and not getting you where you want to be.

The intention is then to help you transform anxiety into an energy that vibrates much higher. Why buffer through life when you can move at 5G?

So, how do you get rid of anxiety?

You don’t, you transform it. You use it to move you forward and to grow. You learn to work with it, rather than against it – this is when transformation takes place.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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