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Transcending Anxiety: Nature is Our Greatest Teacher

It’s easy to get caught up in the drama, chaos and fear that uncertainty can bring. It can be just as easy to focus on the opportunities that reside within uncertainty.

If we look at nature as our teacher, we see that Winter is a time for slowing down, hibernating and stillness. Nature has turned inward. 🌥️

When we as humans slow down, get still, turn inward we being to uncover truths, we tap into our intuition and inner guidance. We allow ourselves to shed what isn’t serving us, we let it die off.

Remember that with this change, shedding of old habits and beliefs, comes grieving. It’s okay to feel resistant, angry, sad, scared, unsure of letting go.

Like Winter it can feel dark and cold. When we allow ourselves to go through this process, offering compassion and grace while grieving, we begin to see a new light. 🌤️🌈

Spring is the season that follows Winter. Spring brings with it light, growth and new life.

Without winter, the dying of the old, we wouldn’t have spring.🌻🌷

What if uncertainty was fertile ground waiting for the rays of hope and faith to shine upon it? Imagine what could blossom. ☀️🌷🌸💐

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