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Date & Walnut Brownie Bites

This is a recipe I received during an Ayurvedic cleanse. How awesome that this dessert is suitable for cleansing! This is a treat that my friends and family ask me to make all the time! It promises to be nourishing and satisfy that sweet tooth.


1 ½ cups of Dates

1 ½ cups of Walnuts

½ cup of Cocao Powder

½ tsp of Cinnamon

Pinch of Salt

Optional: I’ve added fresh coconut to this recipe and it was insanely good, you can also add shredded unsweetened coconut/toasted coconut if fresh isn’t an option.


Throw all the ingredients into a food processor and blend. Once all the ingredients are thoroughly combined you will place the mixture into a bowl or cookie sheet and begin to roll the deliciousness into tablespoon sized balls. These will stay fresh and last a few day before getting dry.

Tips for Preparing: Make sure the dates aren't too dry, for best results you will want the dates to be moist.

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