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  • Sabrina Jo Atto

Reduce Stress and Tension with Chair Yoga


I find that most of my daily activities throw my body out of alignment. For example, I choose to carry a huge purse (otherwise known as mini luggage) of course this does a number on my neck, shoulders and probably my back. What about the latest epidemic “text neck” which leaves a nasty crick in the neck. I will admit I use my phone way more than I need to! Then there is working in front of a computer which leaves the tops of my shoulders on fire!

What would be great is a personal massage therapist working my shoulders as I type this post, ahhhhhh. Back to reality, I don’t have a personal massage therapist and the tension is building so what’s the next best thing? Yoga

As a teenager I would complain to my mother that my shoulders and neck were burning with tension. I would tell her I needed a massage and she would tell me I needed yoga. Of course like every good teenager I scoffed at her advice and turned my nose at it. And like every good mother’s advice, she was right.

Yoga is such a beautiful way to reduce tension and ease the body.

You can take yoga with you to work, school, your car (not while driving), anywhere really, all that is needed is you and your breath.

I’ve put together a few chair yoga poses you can use at work, the library, home, or wherever your imagination leads.