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Forty Days and Forty Nights of Love


This time of year marks the Lenten season. Traditionally, this is a time of fasting for Catholics. Having grown up Catholic I recall fasting from junk food for forty days and abstaining from meat on Fridays. At some point I began questioning my motives for fasting and what Lent meant for me. Eventually, after contemplation, I began to change my Lenten ritual. My current tradition is to release something that no longer serves my spiritual growth.

Self criticism is a vice I spent most of last year working on releasing. I’ve been blessed to start 2015 with a more compassionate heart for myself and in turn for others. We cannot offer to the world, our neighbors, or to God that which we do not possess.

I offer you this, Catholic or not, Lent is a beautiful time to release self criticism and step into a more loving heart, and I’m here to support you. Below is a list of self love exercises that you can use to help foster a compassionate heart.

Daily Acts of Self Love

1. Make Daily Act of Love Cards – You can use index cards or another form of paper stock; Write one act of self love on each card. Use this list of suggestions for inspiration. I would suggest making a deck of at least 14 different cards. Keep the deck next to your bed or somewhere you are sure to see it and pick at random a card every morning.

Random Acts of Love Cards

2. Sing out loud – Turn up the radio or sing from your heart… Sing, hum, let go and let vibe!