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Five Ways to Ease Anxiety


Anxiety...tight chest, shallow breathing, irregular heartbeat, headaches, tight neck and shoulders - any of these symptoms sound familiar to you? I have been all too familiar with these symptoms and more. I spent most of my adolescence physically ill from the side effects of anxiety, tension headaches, nausea, the list goes on. By the time I was nineteen years old I made the proclamation to finding a better way of living and so I sought an anxiety free life through holistic measures. Since then, well over a decade ago, I’ve accumulated a wonderful tool box of techniques to help ease an anxious mind.

Tip: What I have found is that trying to implement more than a couple tools at a time is overwhelming and doesn’t have as powerful an effect as implementing one tool and being consistent with that tool.

As you read through the list implement the tool or tools that jump out at you. Let your instincts guide you toward the best means for you.

With that said, here are five methods I have found to be helpful in easing anxiety and promoting a more peaceful mind.


Think about the last time you had a good laugh, no - a great laugh, go ahead think about it. You know the kind that makes your sides hurt, and there is a smile glued to your face while you gasp for air! I love that kind of laugh.

Studies have shown that laughter can help relieve stress, support functioning of the immune system, and help shift a grim perception to one that’s lighter hearted.

Inspiration for Laughter:

  • Hang with a friend that knows how to make you laugh

  • Watch a funny movie or show

  • Go to a comedy show

  • Go to a laughter yoga class