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Prop Swap: yoga props found around your home

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Whether you're a seasoned yogi, dappling in or testing out yoga for from the comfort of your home, you may find that you're in need of some yoga props - like... right now! If you don't own yoga blocks, a strap or a bolster you can use items found around your house.

Why Use Props?

There is a misconception that in order to do yoga, let alone do it well you need to be flexible, able to touch your toes, take beautiful Instagram worthy expressions of the poses, the list of fears goes on...

None of those conceptions are true. There are a number of reasons why on any given day you might need the assistance of props. You could have an injury, body proportions make it difficult to move through certain poses, range of motion is limited, etc.

These reasons don't make you a bad or unfit for yoga, they make you human!

We ALL have limitations at some point or another. It's okay...we modify our practice to suite our needs.

Reasons I Love Props

- They provide great feedback during practice, i.e. how active you are in a pose or what muscles you want to fire up or become aware of.

- Yoga can be even more of a challenge when you take a smaller more active expressions of the pose. Yoga props help us scale back and get specific.

- Blocks & Straps can act like an extension of our limbs when we need to grow longer but can't physically.

- Props can provide support in restorative poses and when we are nursing or healing an injury.

Prop Swaps

YOGA BLOCKS For Getting Closer to the Floor

- Books

- Pantry Item: Cans, Jars, Canisters

- A Firm Box

- Toilet Paper/Paper Towel Roll

For Resistance:

- Spongy Small-Medium Ball

- Folded/Balled up Towel


- Towel: Preferably a Thin Beach

 or Tea Towel

- Neck Tie

- Scarf


- Blankets

- Large Towels

- Pillows

Share some of the items you've used as a make shift prop.

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