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Find Patterns of Dis-Ease & Anxiety With This Practice

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

It can be overwhelming and even confusing to understand why you aren't feeling well, where your anxiety is stemming from or if what you're feeling even is anxiety. If mind body awareness is something that is new to you (or not) this practice can be very useful.

You can use a notebook or journal to log your observations.

Begin keeping track of:

- how many hours you've slept

- how you felt when you woke up (emotionally, physically and mentally)

- your daily activities

- what you ate through out the day

- symptoms of stress that showed up

Track the above list and anything else that calls to you daily.

After a few weeks of jotting down notes go back and revisit your entries. You will begin to uncover patterns that can help you to understand why you might be experiencing discomfort in the mind and/or body.

I've created a cool journal that is designed to help you uncover patterns of stress and anxiety.

#DitchStress: mind body spirit, A Daily Journal can be used as a companion to my book Transcending Anxiety or it can be used simply on its own to keep you grounded and in touch with your moods and thoughts.

Journaling in one of the most self-supportive activities on this planet. Enjoy this journal and allow it to bring you closer to your joyful, anxiety free self.

Download pdf of Journal Worksheet

Let me know how the practice worked out for you by commenting below! Look forward to hearing from you.


Ditch Stress With This Easy To Use Practice


Sabrina Jo Atto is a seeker. She is a teacher of yoga, a business owner, a writer, and her passion in life is to help others heal.

Sabrina holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Oakland University in Rochester Hills, Michigan and completed her initial 200 hour yoga teacher training with Karma Yoga in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. She went on to complete a 200 hour Anusara Yoga training with Skeetor Tichnor in Maui, Hawaii.

In 2013, Sabrina established Freebird LLC, a wellness coaching practice where she works with clients seeking a holistic or integrative approach toward healing anxiety and living a joyful life.

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