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  • Sabrina Jo Atto

Ditch Stress While Driving

Run to Target for mascara and shampoo, then Kroger for groceries, don’t forget half and half…shit I forgot to write that on the list “Siri add half and half to my grocery list”, sign contract and email to Ben, there’s a yoga class in 30 minutes can I make it?

Does any of this sound familiar? All while getting behind the steering wheel and possibly before you've even left your driveway.

Wouldn’t it be fricken awesome to get into your car and just chill the F’ out!?

What if you could turn off that incessant voice that’s nagging about your To Do List, an argument you had with your mom/husband/child or that damned voice that’s telling you you can’t get it all done and that stress is inevitable.

Bye, bye nagging voice I don’t need your irritation or low vibes. Nope, I embrace the stillness!

One of the most powerful ways to still the mind and in turn deflate stress is to be present, in other words, mindful of what’s happening right here, right now.

How You Ask?

Setting the Intention to Be Present During Your Commute

Whether it’s immediately getting into the car (taxi, bus, train, Uber/Lyft, bike, walking shoes) or you remembering to be present ¾ of the way into your trip doesn’t matter. What matters is setting the intention that you will be present and mindful during your commute.

How to Be Mindful & Present