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  • Sabrina Jo Atto

5 Acts of Self Love You Can’t Wait to Try

Feel The Love - Self Care

WARNING: Making one, let alone all five, of these self care practices part of your daily or weekly ritual may have positive effects on your life and health.

Proceed with enthusiasm!


Allow yourself to laugh out loud, giggle, hold your belly with uncontrollable laughter as your face burns with a wide grin. It doesn’t matter how big or little the laugh just enjoy the feeling and the joy it brings.

Laughter not only gives the body an immunity boost but puts the mind in a state goodness.

Maybe you watch your favorite comedy, listen to your favorite comedian, or make plans with your friends -let them know it’s a night for laughter, maybe reliving shenanigans or making up new ones.

Do what it takes to entertain that voice inside you that’s ready for some comedic relief.

Restful Sleep

If you have a tough time getting restful sleep one of the tools I love is listening to a yoga nidra meditation while laying in bed. Snuggle under the covers, get as comfy and relaxed as you possibly can. Once you're all cozy turn on a yoga nidra meditation (or any sleep meditation that resonates with you).

There are tons of great apps out there with guided meditations. An app I love is called Insight Timer.

Read the Book You’ve Been Putting Off

Is there a book that’s been on your to read list? Yes? Okay then, go to the library, the bookstore, or order it online! If you already have it and it’s just sitting on a counter, shelf, or night stand begging for your attention then for God sake give that book the attention it needs!

Cozy up in the corner of the couch or snuggle into your favorite little nook with a hot cup of tea, diving into that smut novel, self help goodie, or someone’s biography. Go get lost in a good book!

Dance & Sing Like No One is Watching

Throw on a hype song and let yourself twirl, jump and holler with complete abandonment. What’s that? Despacito is playing?! Woot! Woot! I know you want to shake that ass and belt out the wrong words with me…

Take a Salt Bath

Fill up your tub with the perfect warmth of water, dump in some sea salt or Epsom salt, and essential oils if you want. I personally love lavender. Then let yourself get chill AF, seriously, let all the BS that’s running through your mind rest. Hey, grab that book you wanted to read. You don't read? Play some soft spa music and let yourself get lost in the moment of complete stillness.

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