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Small Shifts Create Big Results

It can be difficult at times to maintain or commit to the goals that we set for ourselves. One reason could be the need to go to an extreme, whether it’s weight loss, dropping a bad habit, being a nicer person, or budgeting our finances.

What I have come to understand is that it’s about ease; if that means little or gradual changes that’s acceptable. If you want extreme change, that’s okay too. Everyone has different wants, needs, and approaches toward goal setting. The key is to figure out what your long and short term goals are. Once goals are in place, workable obstacles can be approached and the pace is set at a rhythm that flows; rather than stagnates.

Success does not come from pushing ourselves to the limit. Success is accomplished when we can find ease and balance in what we’re doing. There is no race. We don’t have to push our way to the front line. You can follow a model that allows you to be patient with yourself, a model that allows you to unlearn all the bad habits without judgment, and recognizing the healthy habits you do obtain. This is a model that encourages you to take baby steps towards change so that the change sticks.

Freebird Take Away

Step 1: Set your intention or goal. Write it down.

Step 2: Read it Daily.

Step 3: Make a conscious effort to implement the changes or actions needed to achieve the intention or goal. These actions and changes can be small. Size is irrelevant. What creates momentum is action; that first step.

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