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Clean Your Inbox and #DitchStress

January 19-25, 2020 is Clean Out Your Inbox Week.

Yes, there is a week dedicated to cleaning your inbox… and why not?

I found this odd observance fascinating because one of the biggest triggers for stress in my life is managing multiple email accounts. Granted, I manage more accounts than the average person…

I have an account for:

- my yoga business

- personal email

- promotional emails (like shopping sites, blogs, etc)

- and 4 other work-related email

I know having one or two email accounts that get full can be overwhelming.


Because I’m dedicated to helping you #DitchStress and experience peace in the midst of chaos I would like to share with you some tools I’ve found useful for keeping a clean inbox.

You don’t want to stress and struggle when you can’t find that email you need right now.

There are things in life we can’t control – the annoying sound that comes from your coworker’s cubicle (yes, that’s their real voice), your mother breathing down your neck about getting married (insert eye roll – telling her to stop probably won’t help…just saying) or your kid’s need to be slow and unfocused when you have to leave the house – 5 minutes ago.

What you can control - not having an inbox that induces high blood pressure…

So, I dug around on the web and found some incredible tips for keeping out spam, organizing priority emails and permission to hit delete when necessary.




If you have any tips for keeping your inbox in line please share...

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