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  • Sabrina Jo Atto

Private Yoga Session vs Group Yoga Class

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Group Classes

The variety of group classes available out there are abundant. You can choose from gentle, therapeutic, alignment, hot, flowy and so much more. Depending on your favorite style(s) there are plenty of classes and teachers to pick from.

Teaching a Sequence

Typically, in a studio yoga class you will practice a sequence of poses, usually these poses will build on one another. Some classes may incorporate breathwork and/or meditation.

The teacher, depending on the class size, will be able to offer support by sharing cues throughout class. These cues are general and intended to help the student find their way into the pose. These cues may or may not help the student.

In a group setting the challenge becomes that all students are inherently different. The way you hold your body and the habits you develop are different than others in a class. So, a helpful cue for you could be counterproductive for another and visa versa. The teacher has to offer whatever knowledge she has to the best of her ability in a general way and because of this may be able to help a few individuals in passing through out class.