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Finding My Edge

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“Finding your edge” is an expression used in yoga to define a place of balanced tension. The edge is about finding that perfect spot where action and ease meet.

Imagine, you are at the beach and you scoop up a handful of sand, the size of your hand will determine how much stays in the palm. Keeping the sand from spilling takes an open fist, a hand that is active but relaxed. If the hand is too relaxed, you spill the sand everywhere, and if the hand is held too tight, the sand runs through the fingers. The place that holds the most sand is your edge.

On the Yoga Mat:

When I step into Virabhadrasana 1 (Warrior 1) it takes me some time. Usually I will need to adjust my stance. I will step my foot to the front of the mat, pull my body erect and then align my posture where it feels secure and comfortable. I find the place that allows me to build tension and simultaneously feel secure in the pose.

If I don’t take time to adjust the posture, my knee gets tight and builds up with pressure. If I ignore my body’s message for adjustment then I stand the chance of blowing out my knee.

Our body gives us subtle and intense cues for how far to take our next action or step. When and if we ignore those cues, we run the risk of injuring ourselves.

Finding my edge off the yoga mat takes a little more attention. On the mat I can physically feel pain if I push too hard. I know I might hurt myself, so I’m more likely to pull back.

In life, pushing is more of an emotional pinch or pressure. This kind of pain has become socially acceptable, like stress, anxiety, or overworking which makes it easier to ignore.

When I feel the tight fingers of anxiety grabbing at my chest, or a dull lethargic energy throughout the day, I know I’m pushing myself too hard.

For instance, as part of a marketing approach for my life coaching business I decided to offer free lectures. These lectures would help get the word out about what my coaching could offer.

I decided to use