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Where Does Your Mind Wander?

Where does your mind go when you are uncomfortable?

Paying attention to our thoughts when fear and discomfort set in is a great way to understand how we cope with fear.

Blog_Mind Wander.PNG

Who do you think about?

Where does your mind go?

Do you fantasize?

Pay attention to what comes up for you and maybe keep a journal or notepad handy. When moments of discomfort come up jot down how you react. Write it down before you have a chance to forget.

If you notice that you are pushing the discomfort away or that you are resisting it try this:

Ask yourself, what does this discomfort, or what does this fear have to teach me? What can I learn?

Keep with this mantra and notice discomfort dissolve and peace set in.*

*Keep in mind, that while some fears or discomforts may go away in an instant others could take repeated effort. Be patient with yourself, it is in gentleness you will find peace.

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